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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

...:: Life ::..

*mode serius.

Sangat lama tak berblog. As in pouring myself out in here. The reason is just so lame ie busy. Or another reason ie privacy reason. Kah kah perasan retis.

I know u can make your posting only for certain people to read. Password la yada yada. Heck, I just dont bother.

Been busy with my new plan for this year, two big plans first in the middle of the 2012 and another on end of year. Hope it will run as smooooooothly as it can be. Hiccups here and there itu common. Just not the substantial ones, please Allah? Amin.

For this semester, my workload is basically servicing ie teaching the non-law students the law subjects e.g business law, Malaysian Legal System and the building law. Takde satu subject mengajar budak law students. Tsk. I was hoping to get Intellectual Property subjects for this semester but it was in vain. Ketentuan workload di tangan koordinator. Hmm. Terkadang terfikir, kenapa Intellectual Property tak dijadikan subjek servicing? I think that is one important subject which needs to be understand by the non-law students. Because in future they will become the future researcher or artist or engineers or inventor etc and if they were aware of this subject during their bachelor degree, surely they will not get confused what are the subsets under Intellectual Property.

Please dont be surprised that I used to get questions like; "Whats the difference between Intellectual Property and Copyright?" atau statement yang penuh konfiden by someone telling that, "patent is an invention yada2 and copyright is under Intellectual Property". Hmmm.

Kesian aku. Eh? Haha ramblings sungguh beta hari nih.

Dah la nak balik umah lipat kain.


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